Sporthorse  Bodywork  LLC


To support trainers and owners in achieving optimal equine performance and comfort through an integrated equine bodywork and groundwork program.  Applying a wide range of both tried and trusted as well as newer methodologies at the forefront of current study, combined with postural and movement analysis, and corrective conditioning exercises to improve tension patterns, fill muscular gaps for balanced power, and minimize related behavioral issues.  


Certified Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Massage therapist (CEMFT), total nerd, and over 30 year equestrian optimizing equine wellbeing & performance through the application sports massage, shaitsu, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, Masterson Method,  structural balancing, Gua Sha, passive & active stretching techniques, combined with development and reinforcement of proper/ balanced muscle use in motion through corrective excercise programs and biomechanics/ tensegrity based instruction. Actively attending lectures and following both classical and the latest disruptive findings in equine bodywork and motion studies, including the work of Dr. Hillary Clayton, Jean Marie Denioux, Audrey DeClue, Sue Dyson, Centaur Biomechanics, Jim Masterson, Celeste Lazurus, Jean Luc Cornille, Sally Swift, Susanne Von Dietze, Gustav Steinbrecht, Francis Robichon de La Gueriniere, Charles de Kunffy, Francois Baucher, Dino Fretterd, amongst others. 


Equine postural and movement analysis 

Massage Therapy

Groundwork, lunging, long-lining and proprioceptive excercises to develop proper muscular use 

Optimizing rider biomechanics 

Development of harmonious partnership

***We are not vets and do not diagnose medical issues- though we are happy to partner with all  medical providers. Review all recommendations with your veterinarian. Always seek medical guidance and diagnosis from your veterinarian***